Brew Pal 3
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Do you Homebrew? You need a Brew Pal!
Brew Pal is a recipe formulation App for your iOS device

Recipe Formulation Made Easy
  • All-Grain, Partial Mash, Extract, or BIAB
  • Edit your grain bill, hop schedule, additions, and yeast
  • Track your mash, boil, fermentation, and carbonation
  • Estimate color, bitterness, alcohol content, and much more
  • Check suggestions to hit a style
  • Add free-form notes to any recipe
Carry Your Recipes With You
  • Supported on all iOS 7.0+ devices
  • iCloud syncing between devices
Share Recipes
  • BeerXML import & export
  • Email printable recipes
  • Recipe sharing via
    Recipes are shared anonymously and deleted after 7 days
Timely Reminders on Brew Day
  • iOS notifications for mash, boil, and fermentation events
  • Never miss an important step or addition
Track Your Results
  • Integrated batch history with notes
Quick Reference Guides
  • Unit converters built into every input field
  • Color cards
  • Flavor/aroma wheel
  • Hop substitute lookup
  • Alcohol content calculator
  • BJCP style list

Action Shots

Convert Units
Tap the unit label to convert between units in every input field

Correct Gravity Readings
Adjust hydrometer for temperature; refractometer for alcohol content

Add New Ingredients
Add new ingredients to the built-in lists

Delete Ingredients
Delete ingredients (or recipes) from lists

Import Recipes
Import recipes from URLs or via iTunes

Export Recipes
Export recipes via Email, online sharing, or by printing